From four months 

In the early years of life, the biggest brain changes occur, influencing how a person will deal with learning for all their life. That is why babies need opportunities and challenges for their development to be enhanced.

In Nursery, we develop the physical and cognitive abilities of the babies in a safe, pleasant and welcoming environment. The affection and respect of the educators promote the formation of the affective bond, fundamental for the well-being of the children.

The needs of care, food, hygiene and rest are integrated into the activities of arts, language, games, exploration of objects with different forms, textures, colors and sounds, besides motor stimulation and musicalization, which have specialized professionals and are part of the weekly program.


Integrated into Child Education, the nursery aims to unite care and education in a peaceful environment that conveys confidence, affection and meaningful learning to infants. The construction of affective security begins with the understanding that each child is a unique individual, whose development depends on the quality of the relationship established with the materials, objects and adults of their environment. For this reason, we seek to prioritize, spaces in which they feel safe and welcomed, so that their development happens in a calm way respecting the limits of each one, through the necessary stimuli so that they can develop their abilities. Our commitment is to ensure the conditions necessary for the road to be built full of accomplishments and achievements.