From 01 to 05½

Early childhood is extremely important for the child’s emotional, motor, intellectual, and social development. The most significant and affective experiences in this stage of life are given through play, so this is a guiding axis of Child Education in the school.

All Together School believes in the design of a Renewed Pedagogy, having as main focus the Reggiana approach. This approach encourages the child’s intellectual development by encouraging the child to explore the environment through attentive listening by the teacher, promoting the recognition of all childhood languages and their relation to the world.


We keep in our daily life, unstructured elements that nurture creativity, expanding its capacity for exploration and experiences. The educator makes appropriate interventions with the intention of enriching the development process. We believe in a proposal with the various languages, such as art, science, music, mathematics, writing and reading.


Playing, working with different materials is to meet the world, it is a new relationship with the other. Through play the child establishes a relationship with learning. Linked to playing exists the Didactic Sequences and the interdisciplinary Projects that direct the pedagogical work, and are constructed by the Pedagogical Team taking into account the daily life, interests and needs of the groups.