Our menu is elaborated following the 4 pillars of Nutrition, called “Scudero” Law, quality (The diet must be complete in its composition). The complete regimen includes all nutrients, which should be ingested daily.), amount (The amount of food must be sufficient to cover the energy requirements of the organism and maintain its balance in balance.), harmony (Amount of the various nutrients integrating the food must be in proportion to each other.) and adequacy (The purpose of food is subordinated to its suitability to the body.


Adequacy is subordinated to the biological moment of life, to the individual habits and socio-economic situation of the individual. In the case of diseases, consider the organ or system altered by the disease).


Food is an aspect that deserves our utmost care. We try to make mealtime encounters a pleasurable moment. We also take advantage of this activity to discover new flavors and expand the repertoire of taste for children, especially for healthy foods.


Our team of nutrition and cuisine plans and prepares a varied and balanced menu, taking advantage of fruits and vegetables of the time.