Child Education aims to expand the cultural universe of the child through actions that allow them to discover the world, get to know each other, learn to live together, establish emotional, cognitive and social relationships, in order to gain autonomy.


Our purpose is to develop the child in its cognitive, social, moral and motor aspects, i.e. what is intended is the global and harmonious development of the child. We intend to contribute to the formation of flexible, creative, discovering people, capable of criticizing, of proving and not accepting without reflecting what is proposed to them, able to exercise their freedom and autonomy according to the social values they consider valid because they had the opportunity to build them.


We also base our proposal on Affective Pedagogy, which is dedicated to the human being in their characteristics of being endowed with body, spirit, reason and emotion. The quality and level of content developed in Early Childhood Education provide the School with security to make the first steps of the learner much more enjoyable, thus increasing the chances of success in their school career.