Raising ecological awareness in children at an early age is essential if we are to have a sustainable future. 

Sustainability is a term used to define human actions and activities without compromising the future of the next generations.

This concept is expected to create a real balance between human actions and activities with the environment, after all one depends on the other to guarantee one’s existence.

In addition, personal activities should also be valued, since anyone can do their part, acting in the preservation of natural resources, performing garbage collection, saving energy, water and others.


The All Together Sustainable program involves and engages the whole school community, all teachers, students, other employees and families in matters related to well-being and social-environmental responsibility.



Who am I?

Support the recognition of some of your own singularities and of the people with whom you live with in your daily life in situations of interaction, strengthening your identity and differentiating yourself from colleagues and people in your environment. Recognize yourself as a member of the group: family and school.


Who lives with me?

Strengthening the recognition of oneself as a member of the family and school group, identifying similarities and differences, expressing feelings, desires and needs and developing caring attitudes towards oneself and the group’s colleagues.

Where do we live?

Recognize the different spaces and settings in which they live by identifying the rules of social coexistence and its importance for the individuals and environments in which they are inserted, strengthening their identity and recognizing differences by cultivating attitudes of care, respect and cooperation.


How to take care of the spaces that we live?

Recognize and compare issues related to the environment, society and culture, deepening knowledge about the family and school environment, recognizing its members, social roles and functions. Develop attitudes of care and preservation with the different environments in which they transit.


How to transform the spaces in which we live?

To establish relations between the way of life of its social group and other groups, respecting the diversity, participating in activities of observation and analysis of the transformations in its surroundings,

valuing attitudes of maintenance and preservation of collective spaces and the environment. Develop attitudes of observation, preservation, care and transformation of environments.